Suma - 120 Capsules x 500mg

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Suma (Pfaffia paniculata) - Adaptogen, Sexual Dysfunction, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, Detoxifier

Summarized Description: Suma has varied common and botanical names, which can make it confusing. Taylor refers to it as Pfaffia paniculata; Duke prefers Hebanthe eriantha, but lists other acceptable scientific names as Gomphrena paniculata or Hebanthe paniculata. Other common names besides Suma include Brazilian ginseng, Carango Acu, Paratudo, Russian Secret, and Para Tudo ("for everything") which is a reference to many Brazilian herbalist's belief that it is a veritable panacea -- an exaggeration perhaps, but certainly a sign of reverence.

Uses & Protocols: Among the indigenous in Brazil, Suma is used primarily as a general tonic (taken in tea form), as a rejuvenating, energy, and sexual tonic; calming agent; aphrodisiac; and calming agent. With the advent of more thorough investigations, additional indications have been added by modern practitioners: for use as an adatogen, cellular oxygenator, memory enhancement, blood sugar regulation, immune booster, estrogen builder, muscle strengthening, impotence, chronic fatigue, diabetes, cancer, PMS, mononucleosis, menopause, and hormonal disorders. Additional applications include: menopausal and menstrual symptoms, minimizing the side effects of birth control medications, high cholesterol, infertility, neutralization of toxins, and as a general restorative after illness.

Warnings & Contraindications: Women with estrogen-positive cancers should avoid. Dosage should be reduced if stomachic or gastric discomfort result. No drug contraindications reported.

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