Shipping Policy

SHIPPING POLICIES / SHIPMENT POINTS OF ORIGINATION -- (General) : Unless we receive alternative instructions from you, we ship orders to our sales sites via one of two broad SHIPPING METHODS :

1. Certified Mail (Averages 2 to 3 weeks) -- Delivery through international postal system. Signature required.

2. Express Delivery (Averages 3 to 10 days) -- Delivery through DHL, UPS, USPS, or other transport company with express delivery services. Signature also required unless previous arrangement is made with the shipper.A physical address is required.

Depending on the point of original of the products ordered, the Express Transport vendor is usually DHL, UPS, or USPS. The customer makes the decision as to which method is used at the time the order is placed. On small packages, it is much cheaper to choose Certified Mail; however, rules can vary. For example, on packages shipping from Ecuador that are over 100 grams in weight, the costs may be quite close, and in some instance, it is cheaper to Express the package! If you are ordering products that will be ship from within your own country, there is usually little reason to pay extra for Express shipping --- if there is much of a cost differential at all.

Where do your products ship from?

Always remember that you can use either of our stores to get a shipping "quote," without having to commit to an order.
Below is a broad list of our current products and the country from which they ship, organized by CATEGORY. In the right column of this page, you will find the different icons for these categories that we use on our stores to help remind you as to the products they contain:

1. Salves, Cremes & Tonics --- All products in this category ship from Ecuador -- with the exception of the Maria Treben line of creams, which ship from the United States.

2. Native Medicinals --- All products in this category ship from Ecuador.

3. Immune Support --- These products ship from Ecuador, with the exception of H3O and HRx, which now ship from the U.S..

4. Dental Care --- These products ship from Ecuador.

5. Herbal Tinctures --- These products ship from the U.S.

6. Supplemental Aids --- All of these products ship from Ecuador, with the exception of HRx.

7. Pain Relief --- These products ship from Ecuador.

8. Essential Oils --- These products ship from the U.S.

9. Water Crystallization --- These products ship from the U.S.

10. Male Enhancemenet --- These products ship from either Australia or New Zealand.

11. Experimental Bioelectronics -- Depending on the item ordered, these products ship from either Uruguay, Paraguay, Slovenia, or the U.S.

Labelling Variances: Because we ship our products internationally, we have a broad range of regulations to take into account. You MAY receive a product that has a label that is not identical to one shown on the product page from which you purchased. For example, Cansema is our U.S. registered trademark for our topical escharotic preparations. It has been widely used illegally by counterfeiters, as we have, from time to time, alerted the public, causing us to generate an "authentication page." Because so much of this product is adulterated and mislabelled, often with the ASSISTANCE of the FDA, we went ahead and decided to use alternate labelling for our Cansema products.

Normally, we email a notice to each customer where a "label variance" has been employed. Nonetheless, if you receive a product about you have questions, relative to your actual order, we ask that you write to us at

No shipping to certain countries: Excluded countries fall into two categories:

1. Countries to which we will not ship to under any circumstance include the following, with the reason given parenthetically : Nigeria (package confiscation and fraud), Panama (package confiscation and fraud), and Brazil (package confiscation).

2. Countries to which we will ship to, but ONLY via Certified Mail -- not Express: . . . Canada, Russia, and Israel.

Shipping Quotes: For retail orders, use our sales sites to get your shipping quote. You do NOT have to enter your personal or payment information in order to get a postal (shipping) quote. You only have to select the country, city, and zip (where applicable) to which the shipment is going and the complete charge -- product and shipping, listed separately -- will appear either in the right-hand column or in a separate box. Wholesale / Private Label Orders (which carry a $200 minimum) must be calculated manually, so write to us at for an exact shipping quote.

C.O.D. (Collect on Delivery) Orders: We currently offer no COD service.

Returns: We verify all names and ship to addresses when orders are placed via phone so that there are no mistakes. Please check your addresses and spelling to make sure your order arrives to the intended receiver. If you want a refund on a given purchase, please see ourRefund & Exchange Request Form. 

Pre-paid Shipments: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, and Paypal via email. We do not currently accept mail-in pre-payments. Additionally we accept Western Union transmittals..

Thank you! The Alpha Omega Order Department