Simarouba - 120 Capsules x 500mg

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Simarouba (Simarouba amara) - Traditional Treatment for Malaria / Dysentery / Potent Anti-Viral, Anticancer, Antileukemic / Anemia, Liver Spots, Vermifugal, Diarrhea

Summarized Description: Simarouba here refers to both "Simarouba amara" and "Simarouba glauca" as both have the same properties. Also known as Paradise Tree, Simarouba refers to a flowering tree that grows 40 to 50 feet in height and spans 25 to 30 feet. The flowers are usually yellow and the fruit elongated and purple.

Uses & Protocols: Europeans found indigenous groups in South America using Simarouba to effectively treat dysentery and malaria in the early 1700's, centuries before the rise of the pharmaceutical industry. It is also used to treat fevers, diarrhea, intestinal worms, anemia, and indigestion. Owning to its strong anti-viral properties, Simarouba has been shown in multiple studies to be effective in vitro against herpes, influenza, polio, and vaccinia viruses. (The field is still in need of well-constructed anti-viral studies, in vivo.)

Taylor reports that the National Cancer Institute performed early cancer screenings in 1976, showing that Simarouba was toxic against cancer cells at very low dosages. What followed were further studies showing this plant's antileukemic action.

Lastly, Simarouba is being used for topical applications for skin depigmentation (i.e. liver spots) and keratinocyte differentiation (protecting against scaly skin.)

Dosage: one capsule, two times a day.

Warnings & Contraindications: None reported where taken at normal, therapeutic dosages. In higher than recommended dosages, nausea and vomiting may result. There are no reported drug contraindications.

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