Potassium Iodide Hoxsey Solution - 8fl.oz

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Full Description

The ingredient particulars of the original internal Hoxsey formula have been well-documented, and many formulas (including Hoxsaic) that use his name or allude to his work leave out, for one reason or another, a crucial ingredient that even Hoxsey himself said was crucial to making his internal formula "work" --- potassium iodide, 7.7% to be precise, in his original tonic. What we have done, for those who want to try or experiment with the original Hoxsey formula, is created stabilized potassium iodide formula that is calibrated so that if you add it 50/50 with Hoxsiac or similar cancerolytic herb formulas, you will be imitating, in exact proportion, the potassium iodide in the original formula. Note that this product is nowhere near as strong, as an oxidizing agent, as Lugol's, nonetheless, you should take care in using this formula. Like all nutrients, you can overdue your iodine intake (Dr. J.C. Jarvis, M.D. notes, among other things, that a "moist nose" will develop if you overdue it -- again, discussed on the Lugol's Iodine product descriptions. 


A crucial ingredient to making Hoxsey's internal formula "work".

Directions for Use

Add it 50/50 with Hoxsiac or similar cancerolytic herb formulas to imitate, in exact proportion, the potassium iodide in Hoxsey's original formula. Follow the protocol established for those formulas.


Distilled water, potassium iodide (16%), grain alcohol (10% by weight, 96% purity).

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