Pankreolive ®

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Pankreolive ® is a pancrea support product with the following approved medical claims:

  • Facilitates the digestion of food
  • Helps eliminate gas.
  • Alleviates abdominal tension.
  • Improves pancreatic function.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains: pancreatin, 170 mg.; dimetilpolisiloxano (simethicone 95%); expicients.
Advisory / Precautions: Keep away from children. Store the product in a place no greater than 86 degrees F., protecting it from heat. If symptoms persist, consult your medical practitioner.
Contraindications: Obstruction of the bile ducts, pancreatitis, and acute hepatitis. Not recommended for women who are pregnant or lactating or for children under 12. Hypersensitivity to any of the product's ingredients.
Dosage instructions: One to two capsules during or after meals. In preparation for x-ray and/or ultrasound examination in the abdominal area, take two capsules, three or four times a day in the two days leading up to the examination, and then two capsules on an empty stomach