Living on the Precipice: Global Corruption, the Supremacy of Fake, and Reflections on Near Term Human Extinction -- (Ebook, 2018)

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Paperback:506 pages

Publisher:Herbologics, Ltd.; 1 edition (June 4, 2018)



Product Dimensions:6 x 1.25 x 9 inches

Author:Greg Caton

   Living on the Precipice is an anthology of the internet postings of author and internet merchant / pioneer, Greg Caton, from 1996 to 2018. It included the most important parts of his online book, Meditopia (, and the vital essays of his periodic blog, The Ashwin (

    Woven together and thematically organized, the book opens with evidence of NTE (near-term extinction) as habitat collapse continues to annihilate anywhere from 150 to 200 species per day in what is now recognized as the “The Sixth Extinction.” Having established the dire and rapidly deteriorating state of the world’s ecosystems, the book then explores the anthropogenic inputs that have contributed to the current crisis. The author believes we have passed a “point of no return,” such that in the absence of some unseen exterior intervention, destructive forces have been set in motion that cannot and will not be abated. Most people, in the author’s opinion, see no causal relation between massive global corruption affecting all levels of Western global culture, and a world that is increasingly more hostile to the earth’s life support systems. The author makes the case that they are quite closely and causally related.

   The book closes with the author’s own speculation on counter forces that carry the prospect of correcting the very processes which, on initial examination, appear to be contributing to a hopeless outcome for all life on earth.