Huamanpinta (120 Capsule x 500 mg)

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Summarized Description: Huamanpinta is one of our Andean traditionals. The plant grows from 0.5 to one meter in height, at altitudes of between 3,000 and 4,500 meters (9,842 and 14,763 feet). It has been used extensively, particularly in the Peruvian Andes, to treat liver -- (it's hepatoprotective), kidney, and prostate problems. It is used with gastrointestinal disorders to bile flow, treats gonorrhea, is diuretic and antiseptic, and -- like chanca piedra -- helps expel kidney stones.
This herb is best prepared as an infusion. First boil one liter (or approximately one quart or four cups) and then add 15 gr. (roughly one-sixth of the quality of the bag or 3 %.) into the boiling water. Kill the heat, stir thoroughly, and then let sit for twenty minutes, before straining, and preparing to drink. Sweeten and flavor with honey, lemon, and/or canela (cinnamon). Refrigerate any unused tea for future consumption.

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