HRx Hydroxide Concentrate 8oz Refill

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New Improved Formula, Now 35% More Concentrated.

Full Description

The companion to our Calcium Sulfate Concentrate, the HRx Hydroxide Concentrate draws from the same proprietary technology, only it carries entirely different uses. Whereas Calcium Sulfate is a super pure, non-corrosive acid, HRx is its alkaline counterpart. The HRx concentrate measures about pH 13.5 -- so it should be violently caustic, and yet it is not. Coming from the same technology as Calcium Sulfate, this is not surprising...

Since so much of Alpha Omega Lab's work has centered around cancer, (accelerated by our work in third world countries where people cannot afford conventional treatment to begin with), this became our starting point.

Early in our work with HRx, it became apparent that it had dramatic potential in overall nutrition, particularly for those suffering from most types of cancer; adult diabetes; and possibly muscular dystrophy. Our suspicions were entirely theoretical.

We were aware, for instance, that many of those who view cancer as a "nutrient deficiency" disorder -- even those who concur with the polymorphic microorganism theories of Antoine Bechamp, Royal Rife, and others; or such etiological theories as "parasitic carcinogenesis" (i.e. Hulda Clarke) -- acknowledge the harmful role of pH imbalance. Genius is not required to acknowledge the obvious: cancers cannot grow or even survive in an alkaline, or even a neutral, pH environment. They require acidity.

In working with the inventors of HRx, we came to understand that if you made ordinary drinking water with it regularly, bringing the "water" to a pH of approximately 9.0, and you drink it, the pH of saliva and urine samples will reflect values in the 6.4 to 7.0 range -- not 5.2 to 5.9. This meant that HRx indisputably brought the entire circulatory system, and therefore the organ tissues through which the blood passes, into less acidic pH ranges. But the next question was not so easy to answer: is there really much significance in making the body less acidic? And does this observation, now confirmed after four years of use, bring any relief to a patient who has a disease that is created because of mild acidosis to begin with? In other words, so what if acidosis brought on the cancer -- will reversing the acidosis benefit the patient now that the cancer process is already in place? And what about the many other maladies that, in whole or in part, are aggrevated, if not created, as a result of a pH imbalanced physiology biased to acidity?

Even at this writing, we do not have enough empirical evidence, let alone well-constructed longitudinal studies, to support conclusive findings, despite some of the miraculous anecdotal comments we have received. What we can rely on is the clinical findings of doctors we have consulted in several countries -- physicians we know and respect. And this is what we know: The effectiveness (putting aside any toxicological issues for a moment) of the leading alternative cancer treatments in use today, in part, draw their efficacy from the fact that they mildly adjust the pH upward. These include: (1) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) therapy, (2) ozone therapy, (3) cesium, and (4) coral water or coral powder. Improperly handled, all three can be quite toxic when used internally. We know through experimentation that none of these will bring as quick a change in pH balancing as will HRx. (Enthusiasts of bio-oxidative therapies will be quick to point out, however, that in the case of hydrogen peroxide and ozone, it is the oxygenation and not the pH balancing, that are behind the benefits, since cancers cannot survive in aerobic environments, either.) With this working knowledge in hand, we now feel confident to recommend the following as a nutritional support adjunct to our internal Amazon Salve and Amazon Tonic products; and our Botanical Support Nutritional Support product lines, as well as a general purpose pH balancing program:


Drinking water that has been brought to a pH of approximately 9.0 can cause the pH of saliva and urine samples will reflect values in the 6.4 to 7.0 range -- not the typical 5.2 to 5.9 range. This meant that HRx indisputably brought the entire circulatory system, and therefore the organ tissues through which the blood passes, into less acidic pH ranges.

Directions for Use

  1. Add just one fluid ounce (that's 2 Tablespoons, or about 30 ml.) to each gallon (4 quarts, or 3.785 liters) of distilled or purified water. Distilled water is optimal. Pro rate accordingly.
  2. Use this solution for drinking water; for coffee and tea; and for cooking. Try to consume not less than 32 fl. oz. (1 quart, or roughly 946 ml.) per day. This concludes all uses: drinking "water," reconstituted beverages, cooking, etc. -- wherever and however you consume it orally. WHEN you take the prepared solution is important, too: in order to allow the digestive acids of the G.I. tract to properly digest your food, it is best to take the solution, or any beverages you make with the hydroxide solution, between meals. You probably want to allow at least 45 minutes between the time you take beverages and your next meal time. If you use the solution in the preparation of meals (i.e. in cooked meals), use it sparingly and in not more than one meal per day.
  3. Monitor your pH with strips that you should buy at your local drug store. A good system recommended by some clinicians is to measure the pH of the saliva and urine and divide by two. Take your daily measurement upon getting up in the morning, before breakfast. If you measure at other times of the day, particularly after meals, you will get skewed results.
  4. Keep a log of these daily measurements.
  5. As your pH measurements move higher, closely monitor the results. You are looking to be in the range of 6.4 to 6.6 average. From this point forward, go with a "maintenance program" of "two days on, two days off" with your HRx Solution, or "as needed" to keep you, at the least, above an average pH of 6.2.
  6. That's all there is to it. If you still have questions, just email us.


Hydroxide Concentrate.