Flor de Mashua - 8Fl.Oz (240ml)

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Young Mashua Flower Tincture (Organic)

(Tropaeolum tuberosum)

Tincture of "Flor de Mashua" is used in various communities throughout the Andes to treat prostate cancer and BPH. In small Andean "farmer's markets," you can find small jars of the pulverized, dried mashua root, which is used when prostate issues are thought to flare up, but I have heard repeatedly from several fellow, native Andean herbalists that this extract from the young flower is far more potent.

One very prominent and revered herbalist that I met in BaƱos de Aqua Santa, Ecuador in 2009 claimed that he has cured prostate cancer cases, some of them quite advanced, with Tincture of Mashua Flower alone. Since I was not able to verify that with any of his patients that I met while in Tungurahua Province, I mentally filed this practitioner's claim away as "unconfirmed."