Defense Formula A - 8Fl.Oz (240ml)

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The onslaught of ambient, harmful heavy metals and radionuclides is a leading contributor to the epidemic rise of "diseases of civilization," many of which were unheard of prior to the twentieth century. These health threats now stand on par with the disease-bearing contributions of GMO foods and toxic agricultural inputs; flourine in everything from municipal water, to dental products, and even salt; toxic chemicals from chemtrails spraying (geoengineering), mercury-laden vaccinations, etc.

Fortunately, there are a variety of naturally occurring compounds which act as natural sequestering agents and detoxifiers --- of which two in this formula have been sold separately by Alpha Omega Labs in the past : shilajit (humic / fulvic acid blend) and bentonite clay.

Defense Formula A is the first time that Alpha Omega Labs has ever provided the public with a comprehensive formula in the attempt to cover the broadest range of disease-causing toxicants. If Alpha Omega Labs didn't exist, we would still have made this formula for ourselves, if only because of the frightening way that radionuclides are proliferating in the troposphere, where we all live, producing horrific, toxic effects precisely as Walter Russell prediced they would nearly 50 years ago [ Atomic Suicide (1958) ].