Clavillia - 120 Capsules x 500mg

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Clavillia (Mirabilis jalapa) - Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-fungal, Bacterial, Viral / Vermifugal / Diuretic / Aid in Digestion

Summarized Description: Clavillia is a small shrub, reading a height of 50 to 100 cm. The English common name, "Four O'Clocks," comes from the observation that the flowers will open at about this time in the afternoon, making it a favorite ornamental among gardeners and landscapers throughout the tropics of the world.

Uses & Protocols: Most of the ethnobotanical uses for Clavillia play to its anti-pathogenic and vermifugal properties. Its use covers colds, flu, intestinal parasites, skin infections, bowel cleansing, dysentery, vaginal discharges, and stings (bees and scorpions). Dosage: 1 capsule, 2x a day.

Warnings & Contraindications: Do not take if pregnant or lactating.

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