Ajo Té -- Herbal Tea (85g)

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Summarized Description: Ajo Té is one of our Amazonian traditionals. The leaves come from a vine, common to the Amazon jungle. It gets its name from the smell of the leaves ("ajo" means "garlic" in Spanish -- and although the taste of the tea is mild, not unlike drinking "green tea," the scent is close to that of garlic). 

Preparation is easy and the benefits can realized with a matter of days. This vine is as close to anything we have seen in the Amazon which the shamans and curendéros claim to be a panacea: specifically, they claim that it helps purify the blood -- and impurities in the blood is, in their widely held view -- the source of most "affluence-based" degenerative diseases, including cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. We make no similar claims concerning this product, but simply offer it up as an Amazonian health beverage. Customers who have been with us over the last 20 years will readily recognize that this is the first time we have offered a product in dried leaf form, which must then be prepared as a "low-boil" decoction, as with many teas. By selling this product in tea leaf form, our customers save a lot of money -- in product and shipping, since the finished beverage is over 95% water. See below for details. 

Ajo Té is powerful traditional from the Amazon, used as a general blood purifier, preventative for colds and flus, and in larger, more regular quantities, as an adjunctive in the treatment of a wide variety of degenerative diseases:


Uses & Protocols

The following uses and protocols are well-established among the people's of the Ecuadorean oriente. As is the case with other Amazonian traditionals, please note that these are indigenous uses, few of which have gone through rigorous clinical testing. This ethnobotanical information is provided as a guideline to how others use this product. Since this product comes as dried tea leaves, proper preparation is discussed herein before getting into protocol.

         I. Preparation --- if you can boil water, you can make this product:Professional herbalists will recognize this as a standard decoction.

  1. Add 21 grams or roughly 6.5 Tablespoons of Ajo Té to a large sauce pan, along with one gallon of purified water (3.75 liters). You can pro rate from this to make less tea, if you wish.
  2. Heat until a very low-level boil or "barely boiling" level has been reached.
  3. Continue to stir occasionally over 25 minutes.
  4. Remove heat source and let cool.
  5. Pour the contents of your pan through a strainer and into a large glass vase or container so as to remove most of the tea leaf fragments.
  6. Dispose of tea leaves.
  7. Drink your tea hot . . . refrigerate glass vase and enjoy Ajo later as a refreshing cold tea . . . or refrigerate and reheat later if you want to enjoy the product as a hot tea. More specific protocols for the use of the product are provided below.

II. Protocols.
This product carries an unusual protocol and is geared to treating serious diseases in the Amazon. In the Amazon, the tea is prepared a pot at a time and drunk throughout the day. Herbalists in the Amazon routinely ask patients to drink as much as two liters per day -- or as much as they are able, to effect the maximum benefit. However, in our experience, just 1/2 to one cup, 3X a day, is sufficient for Western consumers.
During the treatment period, users drink the tea in place of water, tea, coffee and other beverages. Note: Users should note that a slight smell of garlic will begin to be detectable from the skin after a week of use, not as intense as with the regular and/or high consumption of raw garlic, but still detectable. Our protocols normally provide an amount of product to consume, along with a regularity (normally 1X, 2X, or 3X per day -- before, during, or after meals), but with this product, no such advice is provided. Instead, the goal should be to consume the product liberally throughout the day. Again -- this mimics how the product is successfully used in the Amazon.
The product should be consumed for a minumum of two months -- however, three months of treatment is adviseable. 

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