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  • Bloodroot Paste - 22g.

Bloodroot Paste - 22g.

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Full Description

Bloodroot Paste (Sanguinaria canadensis) has long been known for its strong medicinal properties, especially with respect to its curative action in treating a wide variety of skin disorders. It is beyond the scope of this page to give a complete history of bloodroot's use, but suffice to say that affect on ordinary moles (non-cancerous) and warts is well-documented. We have prepared a special bloodroot paste which can use self-administered to successfully treat these skin conditions. We were aware that bloodroot could be effective in treating warts and moles from our reading of Dr. Jonathan Hartwell's work. 

The most important thing to emphasize about this product is that it DOES NOT produce as immediate a response as does our Amazon Salve on skin cancers. In fact, be prepared to use the paste for a good 30 days to eliminate most, if not all of the mole or wart in question. With proper use, a close following of the instructions below, and patience, our new Bloodroot Paste does do a pretty remarkable job, although not with as high a success rate as our Amazon Salve yields in dealing with skin cancers. (And this is probably due to the broad etiologies, or causes, that underlie these diverse skin growths.)


As ourlined in Dr. Jonathan Hartwell's work, it is effective in treating warts and moles, and has a long history of use with respect to its curative action in treating a wide variety of skin disorders.

Directions for Use

Having first verified with your medical practitioner that your skin growth (in the case of a mole) is benign, following these instructions: 

  1. Open container and stir with a fresh toothpick to ensure product homogeneity. 
  2. Using your "little finger" simply apply enough of the paste to cover the wart or mole which you wish to treat. Make sure the site is covered well. Apply a bandage over the area to insure that the paste is not wiped off. 
  3. Every two days, remove the bandage, apply fresh paste, and place a new bandaid or bandage back on. This may seem wasteful to some, but the amount of product you use, remember, is very little; the purpose of new, fresh product, is to ensure that there is a sufficient concentration of the alkaloids in the bloodroot working on the target growth to get the job done. Complete this cycle until the wart or mole has receded to the same level as the surrounding skin. When you pass your hand over the area, you should not feel any protruding skin growth of any kind.
  4. Exception: IF after beginning to apply Bloodroot Paste, you get an "eschar" (as described in the Amazon Salve User Instructions) discontinue use and let the resulting scab follow the steps described therein. Bloodroot Paste is a mild escharotic (not nearly as strong or as penetrating as Amazon Salve) and when applied to certain mole types, it will follow a similar path to removal. If you get an eschar formation, there is no benefit to repeated applications. Let the area heal over.


Purified water, bloodroot powder (Sanguinaria canadensis), zinc chloride, and red clay.

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