Algarrobina (Jalea de) ®

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Algarrobina® is a syrup or preserve made from Black Carob. It is a "traditional" with the following properties:

  • Potent energizer.
  • Prevents anemia.
  • Reinforces the nervous system.
  • Strengthens the heart.
  • Natural source of calcium.
  • Combats respiratory disorders.

Ingredients: Selected extracts of Algarrobina, organic corn syrup, citric acid, ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.
Advisory / Precautions: Once you open the bottle, keep it closed in a cool, dry place.
Doses: One (1) tablespoon (15 ml.) or to the amount desired per glass of juice, yogurt, smoothie, ice cream, fruit salad, cereal, etc. (There are more than 33 tablespoon doses per 500 ml. bottle.)